The Black American Political Association of California - Fresno exists to ensure that equitable access to resources impacting education, employment, and economic development are made  available for the underserved residents of Fresno, California.

Our goal is to create a robust and durable network that is has the capacity to:

  1. Build resources and structures to assist underserved communities in their pursuit of autonomy
  2. Leverage relationships with allies and community partners to ensure that economic and educational resources are equitably distributed.
  3. Provide pathways to engagement for community members who desire to be involved in Fresno’s political landscape to ensure that all voices have there rightful place in the conversations that shape the city’s future.

BAPAC-Fresno understands that Fresno has a very diverse and unique make up and our vision is to ensure that the structures of power and influence reflect this diversity at every level of civic engagement.